Lyudmila Mikhailova (her maiden name was ilyina) is a professional musician, higher musical and pedagogical education. Musical and ideological producer, author and co-author of songs, lyrics and music, arrangements, orchestrations, singer, Creator, writer, Director.

She was born February 23, 1981 in the Kirov region, was a "daddy's girl", the youngest in the family. Ludmila's mother , being a schoolgirl and a student, sang songs and performed at the house of culture, her dad was also partial to music, he loved music, his family is very musical, love to sing, among them there are professional musicians with higher music education. Therefore records with Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Chopin, Rachmaninoff... were an integral part in the life of little Lyuda, almost from birth. Further, a child had a burning desire to study at a music school, to play a musical instrument and to sing. At the daughter's request the parents gave her to
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music school (7 classes+2 years additional training), where the teachers, from the first days notice makings and great musical abilities of the child: musicality, pure intonation, beautiful voice and the presence of "absolute" hearing, the ability to easily pick up songs by ear - starting and willing to develop the natural musical abilities.

From the 6th class of secondary school (4th class of music school) Ludmila begins to write on the piano her first "baby" songs, and also composing tunes to other people's texts.
Besides music Lyudmila is interested in sports since childhood, loves gymnastics, figure skating, skiing, Olympic games. Goes to aerobics, shaping, dancing, leads an active lifestyle.

Graduated with distinction from music school, piano class, she goes in the musical pedagogical Institute in Udmurt Republic in Music faculty. There she met her future husband, Evgeniy Mikhailov, who is studying on the same course. Since the 3rd course there was appearance of love affair, besides Lyudmila and Evgeniy began to engage in joint creativity: writing their own songs, the recording of phonograms, and gave the name of their musical group - Duet Alkor (Alkor translated as "star").  A song of her own composition "Adieu, l'amour" ("farewell, my love") paves the beginning of the "adult" creativity of Lyudmila , which will be the title for the first co-created debut album.

Successfully graduated from the Institute, Lyudmila and Evgeniy get married, gave birth to a beautiful daughter.
Talented spouses continue to work, actively participate in national and international music competitions (in the categories "vocal", "art song" and they win prizes), conduct educational musical and literature concerts, the author of the script of which is Ludmila, songs to words by famous poets which, written together with Evgeniy, participate in the festivities.

Later, spouses moved to Moscow region, where further musical development and improvement of their musical skills. They Participate in TV project "the Voice", in a competition to create a "Hymn of Moscow region", in Patriotic and other competitions... they won various prizes, continue the creation of music and songs to interesting projects. By this time, active work on writing song for the concert program accumulates the musical material which is already waiting for the listener.

Evgeniy Mikhailov - is a professional musician with a higher musical and pedagogical education. Author and co-author of songs, lyrics and music, arrangements, orchestrations, singer, sound engineer.

Evgeniy was born into a musical family, he's a professional musician in the 3-th generation. One of his grandmothers sang in the choir, the other played in the houses of culture, grandfather (paternal), he made folk music instruments. His father and mother, (as he) - are professional musicians with higher musical and pedagogical education, honoured workers of culture. Among other relatives also there are professional musicians with higher music education.

Evgeniy was Born July 7, 1981 in Izhevsk. Birth of Eugene can be called "iconic": Evgeniy was born with
"necktie", as the midwives said, "a true artist is born."
The desire for music is not immediately, only the 7th grade of secondary school Evgeniy begins to understand the fact that music is a part of his life. In General, Evgeniy grew up a sporty child, since the childhood was fond of sports, won prizes in competitions in running, football, could become a successful footballer... if not for the love of music, which has the upper hand in his internal contradictions.

He writes his 1st melody in the 7th grade of secondary school, studying in the school of music, the 1st song in the 9th grade. In the music school teachers notice talent of Evgeniy and they invite the youth to participate in various instrumental contests, where he won prizes, masterfully playing the accordion. Later, the father introduces his son to the synthesizer, and so the first author's arrangements appear.

After graduating from music school with honors, Evgeniy arrives at the music pedagogical Institute, Musical faculty. Participates in all-Russian vocal competitions, singing as a soloist in a professional chamber choir and also won prizes. And then - meeting with his wife Lyudmila, the successful completion of the Institute, joint life and joint work.
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