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The musical faculty of GSPI unites and consolidates 2 creative people - Evgeny and Lyudmila Mikhailovs, and so, in 2003, formed a Duo,
a musical group. For the name of the Duo Lyudmila and Eugene choose a creative pseudonym Alcor: this is the name of the star in
The constellation URSA major. And it is a beautiful and symbolic name since 2003 is the Duo, named as the Duet Alkor, representing
a Duo-team of professional and experienced musicians.

Joint creative activity begins in 2003 with the composition of songs on poems of a famous poet and the creation of literary and musical
concert program for students. In parallel, work is underway on the creation of the project Duet Alkor and its songs. Eugene and Lyudmila
themselves compose songs, write words and music, make arrangements, orchestration, they perform, record phonograms, being authors
and co-authors of their own works and songs. Of course, this process is very long and time-consuming, but it certainly has its advantages.

At the moment:
Musical group Duet Alkor - the producers and creators of all their songs.  Grand Prix and laureates of I, II, III degree of all-Russian and
international musical competitions, participants of the project "Voice", the finalists of the contest to create the Anthem of the Moscow region
and other competitions.

«We live with music and we are proud of what we do. We want our songs to bring great pleasure and benefit to our listeners, and we intend
to give the world the best that the Higher powers give us. We are happy that our songs and music cause attention, great respect and love
among the listeners of different genders and ages both in Russia and abroad".
(Duet Alkor)

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