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                                 Lyudmila Grigorievna Mikhailova (her maiden name was ilina) is a professional musician with high musical,  
                                 pedagogical education. Musical and idea producer, author and co-author of songs, lyrics and music, arrangements,
                                 orchestras, singer, Creator, screenwriter, Director.
                                 She was born on February 23, 1981 in the Kirov region, was "daddy's daughter", the youngest in the family. Ludmila's Parents 
                                 were not indifferent to the art of music and were very musical, loved to sing, among relatives there are also professional
                                 musicians with higher musical education. Records with Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Chopin, Rachmaninoff ...
                                 were an integral part of little Luda's life almost since birth. Then the child has a strong desire to study at a music school,
                                 play a musical instrument and sing. At the request of the daughter her parents give her to a music school (7 classes+
                                 2 years of additional training), where teachers, from the first days notice the big makings and musical abilities of the child:
                                 musicality, pure intonation, beautiful voice and presence of "absolute" hearing, the ability to easily pick up songs by ear -    
                                 starting and willing to develop the natural musical abilities.
From the 6th grade of secondary school (4th grade music school) Lyudmila begins to write on the piano her first "children's" songs, as well as compose melodies on other people's texts.
In addition to music, Luda is interested in sports: from childhood she loves rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating, skiing, the Olympic games. She goes to aerobics, shaping, dancing, leads an active lifestyle. 

After graduating from the musical school in piano class with honours, she has entered the pedagogical Institute to the musical faculty
to the full-time Department. There she meets her future husband, Evgeny Mikhailov, with whom she studies at the same course. From the 3rd
year a novel begins, besides Lyudmila and Evgeny begin to engage in joint creativity: writing their own songs, recording phonograms, and give
the name of their musical group - Duet Alkor (Alkor in translation «star.)» One song of her own composition " Adieu, l'amour»
("Goodbye, my love"), lays the beginning of" adult " creativity of Lyudmila, this song will be the name for the first co-created debut album.   

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