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Having successfully graduated from the Institute, Lyudmila and Evgeny get married, they have a beautiful daughter.  Talented spouses continue
to create, actively participate in national, international musical competitions (in the categories "vocal", "author's song" and win prizes), conduct educational musical and literary concerts, the author of the scenarios to which is Lyudmila, the songs on the words of famous poets to which,
she writes together with Evgeny, participate in festive events. 

Later, the couple moved to the Moscow region, where they continued to further musical development and improvement of their musical skills. Participatin in TV project "the Voice", a competition to create a "Hymn of the Moscow region", Patriotic and other competitions...the various prizes, the creation of music and songs to interesting projects. By this time, active work is being done on writing a song concert program and
accumulates musical material that is already waiting for the listener.     

                                      Evgeny Alexandrovich Mikhailov - professional musician with higher musical, pedagogical education.   
                                      Author and co-author of songs, lyrics and music, arrangements, orchestras, singer, sound engineer. 

                                      Zhenya was born in a musical family, he is a professional musician in the 3rd generation. One of his grandmother
                                      sang in the choir, the other - performed in the houses of culture, grandfather (on his father's line) made folk    
                                      musical instrument. His father and mother, (as well as Evgeny) - professional musicians with musical, pedagogical   
                                      education, honored workers of culture. Among other relatives there are also professional musicians with higher
                                      musical education.

                                      He was born on July 7, 1981 in Izhevsk. The birth of Evgeny can be called "iconic": Evgeny was born with a " tie on    
                                      neck", as obstetricians said: "a singer was Born."

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