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The desire for music is manifested not immediately, only to the 7th grade of secondary school understanding that music is part of his life comes
to Evgeny. In General, Zhenya grew up as a sports child, since childhood he was fond of sports, took prizes in running, football competitions,
he could become a successful football player... if not for the love of music that has prevailed in his internal contradictions.

He writes his 1st melody in the 7th grade of secondary school, studying at music school, the 1st song-in the 9th grade.
In the music school teachers notice the talent of Evgeny and invite him to participate in various instrumental and performing competitions,
where he wins prizes, masterly playing the accordion. Later, the father introduces his son to the synthesizer, and so the first author's
arrangements are born.

After graduating from the music school with honors, Zhenya has entered the State pedagogical Institute, the musical faculty.
He participates in all-Russian vocal competitions, sings as a soloist in a professional chamber choir and also wins prizes in musical
competitions. And then-a meeting with his wife Lyudmila, successful Graduation from the Institute, life together and joint creativity.

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