Duet Alkor - Wedding dance
(lyrics and music: L.Mikhailova)
Duet Alkor - All will be h'ockey!
(lyrics and music: L.Mikhailova, E.Mikhailov)
Duet Alkor - You and I
(lyrics and music: L.Mikhailova)
Duet Alkor - When we are together!
(lyrics and music: L.Mikhailova, E.Zaytsev, E.Mikhailov)
Duet Alkor - About love
(lyrics and music: E.Mikhailov, E.Zaytsev)
Duet Alkor - Switch on the light
(lyrics and music: L.Mikhailova)
Duet Alkor - Adieu, l'amour
(lyrics and music: L.Mikhailova)
The performers and the authors of the arrangements, orchestrations and all these
songs and melodies - Evgeniy and Lyudmila Mikhailovs
Musical group "Duet Alkor".

The list of songs and music, authors::

1. Wedding dance -
lyrics and music: L.Mikhailova
2. When we are together - lyrics and music: E.Mikhailov, L.Mikhailova, E.Zaytsev
3. About love - lyrics and music: E.Mikhailov, E.Zaytsev
4. Adieu, l'amour - lyrics and music: L.Mikhailova
5. Will You tell me - lyrics and music: E.Mikhailov
6. Without You - lyrics and music: E.Mikhailov, L.Mikhailova
7. Mila - lyrics and music: E.Mikhailov
8. Switch on the light - lyrics and music: L.Mikhailova
9. You and I - lyrics and music: L.Mikhailova
10. With all Your beauty such as Heaven - lyrics and music: E.Mikhailov
11. Music without words - lyrics and music: E.Mikhailov
12. He has gone... - lyrics and music: E.Mikhailov, E.Zaytsev
13. All will be h'ockey. We are starting rock - lyrics and music: E.Mikhailov, L.Mikhailova
14. We trust in You - lyrics: L.Mikhailova, music: L.Mikhailova, E.Mikhailov
15. On the left Bank of the Neva river - lyrics: A.Ahmatova, music: L.Mikhailova
16. Forgive me - lyrics and music: E.Mikhailov
17. Everyone Happy New Year, Ura!- music: E.Mikhailov, lyrics: L.Mikhailova
18. You are irresistible - lyrics and music: L.Mikhailova
19. Poem - lyrics and music: L.Mikhailova, E.Mikhailov
20. Moscow - music: L.Mikhailova, lyrics: L.Mikhailova, E.Mikhailov, A.Chuchkalov
21. The anthem of Moscow region (for competition) - music: L.Mikhailova
22. The anthem of free country - music: L.Mikhailova
23. The State Anthem - music: L.Mikhailova
24. The anthem of SCR - music: L.Mikhailova
25. Happiness  - music: L.Mikhailova
26. A Guitar by the sea - music: E.Mikhailov
27. When You are near - music: E.Mikhailov
28. The last hope - music: E.Mikhailov
29. Intro - lyrics and music: L.Mikhailova
30. Good evening - lyrics and music: E.Mikhailov
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